Layna Silvagni Friedman

She has paved the streets of Beverly Hills with pink diamonds and has now set her sights on America's favorite style icon with the Barbie™ Rocks by Layna and Alan Friedman jewelry collection. Layna Silvagni Friedman's sophisticated sense of style inspired by American glamour with an Italian flair, and more than 15 years experience working with some of the world's rarest jewels, makes her the perfect ambassador to introduce Barbie™ to the world of fine jewelry. Inspired by a shared love of all things Barbie® with her daughter Nicole-Juliet, Layna dreamed of giving girls of all ages a peek inside the ultimate jewelry collection, reflecting a modern day interpretation of Barbie® doll's fun spirit and glamorous fashion sense.

With Layna's ongoing commitment to philanthropy, five percent of the proceeds from each sale of the Barbie™ Rocks collection is donated to CAAF (Children Affected by Aids Foundation).



Alan H. Friedman

Dubbed "King of Pinks" by the jewelry industry, Alan Friedman is a third-generation jeweler known around the world for his groundbreaking work with natural color diamonds and his innovative, modern designs, favorites of some of Los Angeles' most notable celebrities and influencers. From his namesake boutique in Beverly Hills, Friedman has created unique pieces for entertainment's elite, including Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Queen Latifah, Ben Affleck, Paris Hilton, Jermaine Dupri, Morgan Freeman, Marisa Tomei, Sophia Bush, Nick Lachey, Eve, Richie Sambora, Carmen Electra, Alicia Silverstone and Mary Hart, among others. His impact also resonates far beyond Hollywood, as The American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards have honored Friedman with the prestigious Spectrum "Best of Show," Spectrum "Best Use of Color," and Spectrum "First Place Casual Wear."

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